Which Are Some Good Works By Francis Newton Souza ?

In a serious effort to “shoot myself in the foot” and stir up unnecessary controversy, have decided to also create a list of some of Francis Newton Souza’s “good” works.

Most collectors consider the 1950s-1967 as his best period. 1967 was when he had to leave for the New York as apparently his relationship with a much younger person (he was in his 40s – she was 16) was not well received by many.

Collectors also consider the period from 1972-74 as very desirable. As per my discussion with Shelly Souza , his daughter – that time period was his joie de vivre – his new born baby had changed his perspectives on life.  One can make out in the vibrant colours used in works of this time. His works from this time are stylistically called ‘lyrical expressionism‘.

Of late, some good works have surfaced from his later years , but these are few.

The problem with identifying Souza’s works (in a discussion with others) is that many of them are untitled – often just referred to as Head or Nude or Landscape. So this list would be a very restricted list of works which actually have some title (though it is possible that the title may have been added later) to identify them (obvious works like ‘Birth’ and ‘Lovers’ are not included here)

Specifically to give full credit – this list came out of a discussion at an after-auction party and was mostly contributed by a well respected captain of the art industry.

The list goes as the following:

Tycoon And The Tramp? (Man And Woman ?)

man and woman francis newton souza

The Elder

The Elder Francis Newton Souza

Titians Grandfather

Titians Grandfather


butcher francis newton souza

Nyasa Negress With Flowers Of Thorns

Nyasa Negress With Flowers of Thorns

St. Sebastien 

St Sebastien Francis Newton Souza

Mystic Repast

francis newton souza mystic repast

There were two others in the List – Seated Samurai and Death of  a Pope.

Far from being any semblance of an exhaustive list – this is just a list of names that had come up in a discussion at a social event – thought I would just document them as I do think they make for an interesting reference.

Indrajit Chatterjee

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the works above. I do own Souza.

Image Credit – Various Auction Websites. The images are copyrighted to the artist or his foundation and they are used here for illustrative purposes.

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