A book written, published and signed by a ‘Raja’

Then gifted to a Knight Commander of the Indian Empire. With the following note and signature of the author:

To A.W.Croft Esqr. M.A.

With S M. Tagore’s

profound esteem..? and most

distinguished consideration

Calcutta 13/2/80

A important cultural treatise – THE TEN PRINCIPAL AVATARAS OF THE HINDUS

140 Years old !

Where would one ever get such an item !!!

The book is exceptionally rare and an important one given the subject. Five copies have been listed in the various British archival libraries and perhaps a few more in private hands with this particular book (given to A.W. Croft) – a signed copy !

Furthermore , the book is published in Calcutta (by the author) – which makes it even more rare (when compared to books published overseas) as books generally have not survived well in the hot/humid climate. This book was surely taken back to the UK in 1900s by the person it was gifted to (A.W.Croft) and therefore its superb condition.

sourindra mohan tagore book cover

sourindra mohan tagore avatar

Sourindra Mohun Tagore

Similar to the title of ‘Raja’ given to Ravi Varma by the Travancore rulers.┬áThe title ‘Raja’ was given to Sourindra Mohun Tagore for his knowledge of Indian Music by the British. Of course he was superbly rich and a part of the Pathuriaghata Tagore family (The Jorasanko Tagores were the poorer cousins).


Tagore Castle

Alfred Woodley Croft K.C.I.E

An important educationist, Vice Chancellor of the Presidency college and a part of the Bengal legislative council. He remained in India till about 1900.

Last Minute Intrigue

It has been a while that I have really wanted something and lost sleep over it. Up since 3am , camping at Kala Ghoda Cafe since 8am and waiting for the establishment to open. After some customary small talk and un-necessary anguish expressed on GST (to hide my glee on the purchase of a lifetime) etc, finally got the book at 1pm !


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