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Sculptures , Legitimate Editions, etc

Firstly a kudos to the Piramal Museum of Art – their exhibition “Likeness Without Reference – Cultures of Forgery” was something that has been needed for a while  – and is an essential visit for collectors. The issue of what is “Good Art” and what is “Bad Art” is based on personal tastes, perception among other collectors, commercial interests, etc and we can argue on this ad nauseum. But certainly we don’t want to collect “Wrong Art” and this was the first of such exhibitions that I know of in India – an essential education for collectors. Continue reading Sculptures , Legitimate Editions, etc

Auction Catalogue’s Revert A Hundred Years

It has been a trend to have either a Vasudep Gaitonde Canvas (from the 1960’s and beyond) or a Tyeb Mehta canvas (from the 1980s) as auction catalog covers.

This autumn a new trend appears , it appears auction houses are now highlighting (as cover lots) works from earlier – from the late 19th century. They seem to have gone back in history almost a hundred years !!!
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Making Sense of Gaitonde Canvas Valuations

This an analysis of Vasudeo Gaitonde’s auction realizations . From about the time of the Guggenheim exhibition – his prices have seen exponential increases with comparisons being made to Mark Rothko. An almost insatiable appetite for his works have propelled his prices – three-four times in a few years. Some inferences can be made about collector behaviour and preferences from his auctions. Continue reading Making Sense of Gaitonde Canvas Valuations

What Happened To The Contemporary Art Market ?

The Saffron September 2016 sale just ended – my question to them was the following – how come there is no Contemporary Indian art ? (with one exception – Gieve Patel). While there will be an online auction possibly in December which will include contemporary art, the lack of these in the September sale says it all ! Continue reading What Happened To The Contemporary Art Market ?